Tuesday, 22 November 2011

phewwwww (Y)

hi assalamualaikum. Posted at post make me miss this blog. I Thankfully in a good health. Hm in this few days, I'll move from this house with my blood. But not some far from home, can hold close. I did not wait to move, Umi say he kind of wont to move out from this house but for I do not. Heee can not wait >< When looking for new home, I learn something. Something that is considered very valuable. Friends, there are many, but we will know if a friend is a true friend if he always there when we were difficult or impossible. Thats what I learned. When people all away when I was hard, they came to rescue me. Although aid is a small, but for me its mean a lot. Believe me friends, never I felt very taken care of by those who are called friends. That time I think, true friends will always be there for us, no matter hard or easy. Trust me, forget you is like i tore the skin (Y) bbxx